Live To Learn

Working With The “Live To Learn” Pillar

Live to Learn – The truly ‘advanced’ is always a beginner. The opportunity to learn is everywhere. One of my favourite things about yoga is that I learn something new every time I come to my mat. There is a difference in every practice that I participate in as well as each practice that I… More details


Working With The “Reach Out Pillar”

When we explore the Pillar – Reach Out in schools I assign the kids “Yoga Homework”. I ask the kids to go off of their mat and do a “RAK” Random Act of Kindness for someone and when they come back the following week they share their stories with the group.   Some of my… More details


10 Amazing Years… Thank You

Moksha Yoga Winnipeg, voted the best local hot yoga studio in the city nine years in a row, first came on the scene mid March 2007 as one of the first hot yoga studios in the city. Ryann, Amy and their team of five teachers instructing a mixture of Pilates, Moksha Yoga, Cycling, and Flow… More details

schools project

What’s Zing Yoga?

This fall I had the pleasure of spending 8 weeks with an energetic class of Grade 7’s from South Pointe School. Working with teens played with a whole new level of patience and there were some days that I wasn’t even sure if they were getting anything out of me being there every week. Teenagers… More details


Change is the Heartbeat of Growth

Change is the Heartbeat of Growth My journey with MYW started with a single class that changed everything—relatable, I’m sure. Since that fateful class I have been an Energy Exchanger, an instructor, a front desk staff member and a Manager. I love this studio and all of the amazing people I’ve met while working and practicing here; it… More details


I’m just here for Savasana…

I’m just here for Savasana… “Do Nothing Pose” I have attended over 1000 yoga practices, led about 500 classes to adults and over 100 classes to children. The one thing that everyone has in common is that they can benefit greatly from a regular Savasana. Some days are easier to stay still, and some days… More details


MYWSP Update – Vincent Massey Football Yogis

MYWSP Update – Vincent Massey Football Yogis This time of year can seem busy with the transition of  back to school for many and back to routine for others. There is lots of excitement in the air with friends at school and members returning to the hot room after taking time away to enjoy their summer.  We… More details


Au Revoir from the Collet Family

Au Revoir From The Collet Family As we prepare to set off for our new adventure, we are filled with so much rich nostalgia as well as present gratitude for our short yet hugely impactful time we have shared with you all within the Moksha Yoga Winnipeg Community. Our yoga journey’s didn’t start out here… More details