Jordan Bellan

After years of living life searching for purpose and meaning, 19 year-old Jordan became a yoga teacher, taking the Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Course in Toronto, Canada. Soon after, Jordan was the founding yoga teacher at a new yoga company called OmShanti Yoga in Beijing, China.
Upon completion of his contract in Beijing, Jordan moved to India, where he studied yoga philosophy and attended three different teacher-training programs over a period of six months. In India Jordan studied yoga therapy in SVYASA University; Tantra with Tantric master Anath K. Atre; and philosophy in a series of ashrams throughout the south.
Since the age of 20, Jordan has studied and taught yoga all over the world. He was the founding teacher of H.om Yoga in Singapore, also Inner Living Yoga in Melaka, Malaysia. Later, he was the yoga director of a spa and yoga center called European Spa & Yoga, also located in Malaysia. While working at European Spa & Yoga, Jordan volunteered 20 hours per week as a yoga and English teacher, teaching underprivileged youth.
Jordan is someone who is seldom seen without a smile on his face and intense passion in his eyes. Many years of spiritual self-study have truly led him to live his life with the single goal of finding joy through sharing joy, inner peace and happiness with others.