108 Sun Salutations – You can do this!

Four times a year with the changing of the seasons we honour the Spring and Autumn Equinox and the Summer and Winter Solstice with a special celebratory class. The solstice and equinox mark the seasonal path of the sun which makes practicing 108 sun salutations at these points in the year so fitting.

The Meaning Behind the Movement

The meaning behind the number 108 is incredibly vast and varied but more importantly rooted in ancient tradition, religion and mind-blowing mathematics. One of the most relevant reasons, though, is that the diameter of the sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth.

Beyond the meaning of the practice, there are three great reasons we choose to spend 108 minutes in the hot room repeating 108 Sun Salutations:

Challenge: We are challenging ourselves with an invigorating ritual that will stretch and test our limits as we leave behind self-doubt with every exhale breath.

Change: We are cleansing our bodies and minds with a sweaty practice that will strengthen us physically and mentally and allow us to set clear intentions for ourselves as we hit the reset button.

Charity: We are offering our gratitude to mother nature and the abundance that she provides for us in celebration of the changing of the seasons.

Victoria Sanders will lead our 2015 Fall Equinox Sun Salutations:

Date: Wednesday, September 23rd   |   Time: 6-8pm   |   Location: Waverley 

If it’s your first time taking part in 108 Sun Salutations we encourage you to take rest as you need throughout the practice and keep an open mind—but you can do this so sign up now!

If you can’t make the class but want to try this practice at home, here’s a helpful video from our friends at Modo Yoga NYC:

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