Au Revoir from the Collet Family

Au Revoir From

The Collet Family

As we prepare to set off for our new adventure, we are filled with so much rich nostalgia as well as present gratitude for our short yet hugely impactful time we have shared with you all within the Moksha Yoga Winnipeg Community. Our yoga journey’s didn’t start out here but in someway, the studios, teachers and community have become what (in every sense of the best feelings of the word) can be described as our yoga “home“. 

Over the past year that we have spent with you so much growth has happened. Within our teaching experience and personal practice as well as personal lives. We brought home our second baby and so many of you shared in that experience with us. And then there were the personal life experiences you all shared with us. Individuals going through cancer treatment, the loss of a spouse, a child ace ing a Royal Conservatory exam, a gratitude journal, divorces, weddings, your own children being born. Sometimes what was shared was a hug or a smile or a wish for us to “stay warm” that day. Both of us got to experience the early morning risers, the daytime practicers and the evening goers. All different flows and vibes. But the one vibe that is more like a thread running through this community is the GENUINE feeling of community. It’s one of Moksha’s Pillars as well as a personal passion of ours. Connecting with the community we live in. Supporting the local business makers, collectively sharing our favourite places to extract the spice out of the city, walking through our neighborhood and being familiar with the faces of the community dwellers. Creating friendships within the community that help us follow our dreams in life or simply stay accountable to our practice. 

If you ever have the chance to meet the co-founders of Moksha (and we hope you do) you will find two individuals who believe with so much of their being, in the power of community. In fact, part of their vision for Moksha Studios was that they would be a “third space”, so to speak. A place in between home and the office or home and wherever else. Home – yoga studio: same feeling. Something Ryann has truly well executed and that Kerri and Mika carry the torch well lit.

There is no better way to describe what MYW has felt to us other than “home”. And in using the word home, we mean the place you feel most comfortable at. Where you are surrounded by people who get you, or maybe don’t get you at all, but still accept you. A place you can feel you can unwind or rewind in. A place that its very smell makes you quickly sink into a place of peace in your body. A place where, when you are struggling or feeling the complete opposite of peace in your life, you can (with 100% faith) go to – knowing you will be supported. No matter where you are along your journey or in your process, a place, you know that you can practice in, to continue evolving, healing, strengthening, growing etc.

It is important to say goodbye. Not because it marks an end, mostly because it is a chance for us to express our gratitude to have shared the beautiful experience that we have had with MYW. As many of you know, we are moving to France where Yoann is from. In close proximity is Geneva, Switzerland, where we are planning to build our own studio (Modo is Moksha internationally). Modo Yoga Genève. 

So lets instead say “au revoir”  which in direct translation means to re see again. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us share in the beauty of this community. Thank you for giving us something to brag about to the entire city. Thank you for breaking our hearts wide open time and time and time again. For giving us a huge reason to return to visit. But mostly, for being such great teachers to us. We are all here on this planet to be each others teachers. Let us all continue to grow and learn together. No matter the proximity. 

Au revoir dear Moksha Yoga Winnipeg Family. We will carry you dearly in our hearts.

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