Growth Changes You

Oh Instagram, you are filled with so much great inspiration.  We love to add uplifting quotes and reminders to our photos and we equally love discovering all the people out there sending great vibes. One we discovered recently was really awakening to the truth about GROWING. It’s a quote by speaker and author Rob Hill Sr.

“Growth is supposed to change you. The very point of it is to be different and better than before. It’s on you to protect your peace and establish a direction for your life, regardless of who approves.

Choosing for ourselves and maintaining that peace is so vital because it opens our mind and heart in ways that inspire us to enjoy, and appreciate our journey. It gives us the freedom to pace ourselves.

Trust that you’ll find and choose to learn from those who not only value what you are today, but also encourage you to be consistently excellent for your future. Trust what inspires you to grow and evolve. Trust what feels true… Embrace that truth, work through love constructively, then change your world  for the better with it.”

This quote really speaks to yoga practice. One of our fave things is when people have the chance to get here early and enjoy a long Savasana before class.  This is developing peace and we keep our room silent because we want to protect your peace.

Challenge yourself to get here early at least one practice this week and enjoy a minimum 10 minute Savasana before we begin class.

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