Change is the Heartbeat of Growth

Change is the Heartbeat of Growth

My journey with MYW started with a single class that changed everything—relatable, I’m sure. Since that fateful class I have been an Energy Exchanger, an instructor, a front desk staff member and a Manager. I love this studio and all of the amazing people I’ve met while working and practicing here; it feels like family. I wish I could give each and every one of you a big hug before leaving. Consider this my virtual hug because I will always consider MYW home.

As I take the next steps to realizing my dream of opening a studio, I am filled with so much thanks for the people who have taught me, offered advice, provided support, and made me laugh every day. Ryann has been one of my biggest cheerleaders. Her passion for this practice and for Moksha/Modo is unwavering and she communicates it through generously offering her time and knowledge. She reminds me to connect to my “why” of this practice each and every time I set foot in the studio.

This new role that Mika is stepping into was made for her—if anyone can rock this enormous task, it’s her! Mika and I are both 3w2 (if you’re into enneagrams) but we could not be more opposite in how we work. After many laughs, disagreements, shenanigans and bottles of red wine, we found a rhythm of working together that I’m going to miss immensely. #putyourbackagainstmine

I can honestly say things have never felt so right and so uncertain at the same time. This is the duality that weaves itself into our yoga practice and life. I’m scared and confident. I’m impatient and forbearing. I’m apprehensive and calm. I’m not ready to say goodbye and ready to welcome whatever the future holds for me. I guess it’s time to grow.


Kerri-lynn 🙂


I’m about to embark on my biggest role yet in my 9 years at Moksha Winnipeg, and what a journey it has been to get here.

Beginning as a student, moving on to energy exchanging, working the front desk and coordinating the EE program, I have since become a Moksha/Modo business coach, managed the Donald studio, and now will be managing both Winnipeg locations. I must really like it here… 🙂

Moksha Yoga WPG is a place I call home, and a place that allows me to be myself, along with everyone who walks through the door. It is a place that encourages me to continuously ask myself “Why”?

For me, my “Why” lies deep within the pillars that Moksha stands upon, and what those pillars mean to me as an individual.

Being Healthy – My mind, My body and My soul.
Being Accessible – For myself and for this community.
Living Green – From what I consume to the products that I use every day.
Community Support – Discovering what we can do together.
Reaching Out – Asking for help, while also giving back to my community.
Living To Learn – Accepting each moment and growing from them.
Being Peace – Reminding myself to find moments of quiet, to not let my mind take over, and to feel and hear more.

I truly feel honoured to be a part of this community. I feel honoured to have been given the opportunity to spend the last two years working with Kerri, someone who has driven me to see a different side of everything that comes my way and I couldn’t be more excited for her to take on a new project of her own; you will be missed!

It is a privilege to help create a supportive, safe, and stable environment with Ryann and everyone who works here, for each of our personal journeys with Moksha Yoga Winnipeg.

See you at Waverley and Donald in 2017!

Mika 🙂

change is heartbeat of growth

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