Ryann Doucette

As co-owner and director of Moksha Yoga Winnipeg, Moksha Yoga Tuxedo  and Modo Yoga Minneapolis, Ryann is grateful to have many inspiring teachers in her life. Thank you to Ted Grand and Jess Robertson, the co-founders of Moksha/Modo, to her family Phil, Emily and Asha for being integral parts of this community, and to this… More details


Mika Rayter

Mika had no idea what hot yoga was until one of her friends offered to take her to a Hot Yoga class in 2008. After completing a 90 minute Moksha class, she was amazed at how good and relaxed she felt! From that day on she attended classes’ everyday to grow her practice. A few… More details


Kerri-Lynn Wilkinson

Kerri began practicing yoga in 2004 and tried her first Moksha class in the summer of 2010. One hot yoga class was all it took for her to fall head over heels in love with the Moksha practice. Kerri became an Energy Exchanger in the spring of 2011 to help foster new relationships within the… More details


Shauna Jessiman

Shauna Always a fan of a new adventure, Shauna has been encouraged by her cousin Ryann, a huge motivator in her life, to try a lot of different things. Back in 2005 in Toronto the adventure du jour was her first yoga class at the Moksha Danforth Studio where Shauna was instantly hooked. An amazing workout… More details


Jocelyn Gordon

The warm summer temperatures in sunny California, where Jocelyn Gordon spends her summers, created a void in her life when it came to spending her winters in Winnipeg. She quickly discovered a very hot room in Osbourne Village filled with a wonderful community, which did its best to fill that void. From thawing out in… More details


Amelia Barnes

Amelia started practicing yoga as a teenager, inspired by her mom who is also an avid yogi. In 2008 she started attending Karma classes at Moksha, and soon after did her first 30 Day Challenge. Amazed by the benefits a daily practice brought her, she decided to become more involved in the Moksha community, first… More details


Leslie Towler

In 2008 Leslie was introduced to her first hot yoga class when her daughter suggested they go.  Fuelled with apprehension about the hot room she quickly fell in love.  Leslie quickly realized that yoga was a good balance to her corporate life and decided in 2010 to live a life of what you love and left… More details


Ken Wong

Previously trained in martial arts, Ken found yoga in 2010 and immediately loved it. Completing a personal 1,000 day yoga challenge and teacher trainings (Vinyasa Flow, Moksha, AcroYoga, Barre), Ken continues to learn and grow his practice. Breath-awareness with physical conditioning is what he loves about yoga (especially if it involves inversions or arm balances). Extending… More details


Keith MacPherson

Keith Macpherson has been using his voice as a means to inspire people around the world for most of his life. As a certified yoga instructor, life coach, public speaker, and musician, Keith realized that his path in life was to help guide others towards finding theirs. Keith has spent the last ten years developing… More details

John McTavish

John McTavish

John started yoga because his sister who teaches Moksha yoga kept saying, “Go to Yoga!” to which he kept asking, “Why?”  He now knows why.  His wife took him first to Bikram and then over to Moksha when it opened where his yoga journey deepened, not just the physical poses but the Breath and the… More details