Erica Hunstad

Erica began her  journey with Moksha Yoga Winnipeg in 2008 as it started with an intro week out of curosity. She completed her Moksha Training in 2011 in Brazil where she has strong ties to many sangha sisters & brothers. She believe’s that “everything happens for a reason” & that we all need to follow our heart & passion as move through each day of life. She is a firm believer in the connectivity of the mind, body & spirit and strives for this in her daily life.  As her lifelong journey continues she is strong about bringing focus to the things we don’t have time for & to find that balance in life.
She loves to travel to desinations with hot, humid & tropic weather as one her lifelong goals is to learn to surf, speak spanish, life off the land & not to have a worry in the world.  Her way of living is to ride the wave of life, as we live day by day and to be fully present.