Jocelyn Gordon

The warm summer temperatures in sunny California, where Jocelyn Gordon spends her summers, created a void in her life when it came to spending her winters in Winnipeg. She quickly discovered a very hot room in Osbourne Village filled with a wonderful community, which did its best to fill that void. From thawing out in Moksha Yoga Winnipeg, she quickly developed a love for making her body appear like a used twist tie. She is planning on spending a portion of this winter furthering her practice in India, which also satisfies the other love in her life, traveling.

Her first teacher was Philly D when he first got back from Hawaii. He taught her in friends living room, and this practice made her realize the physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga. After having the privilege of being in the Energy Exchange Program at MYW, she realized it was time to start spreading the joys of a healthy lifestyle and join the Moksha Yoga Team.