Keith MacPherson

Keith Macpherson has been using his voice as a means to inspire people around the world for most of his life. As a certified yoga instructor, life coach, public speaker, and musician, Keith realized that his path in life was to help guide others towards finding theirs. Keith has spent the last ten years developing his dynamic presence; speaking and singing to groups of people that range from high school students to corporate executives and charitable foundations around the world including Free The Children. Keith continues to be a strong, articulate voice and teacher of self love, personal transformation and social change in the world. Known in some circles as the “singing yoga instructor”, Keith incorporates his voice both spoken and sung to inspire and connect people together. Keith completed the Moksha Yoga Teacher Training under the director of Ted Grand and Jessica Robertson and has also studied Vinyassa Flow with instructor, Seane Corn.  Through the practice of yoga Keith has found an authentic way of delivering an inspiring and accessible experience that leads people to self discovery and inner awareness of their life purpose and dreams.