Krystina Flemming

Krystina Fleming

Krystina and Moksha yoga found each other on a sunny day in June 2010.  Overwhelmed by life, loss, university, and anxiety Krystina turned to Moksha yoga to assist in her emotional and mental healing.  Krystina joined the Moksha sangha in 2011 when she became an energy exchanger which allowed her to practice regularly while she finished her degree in Conflict Resolution.  In July 2014 Krystina was given the opportunity to travel to Kelowna to pursue her love of yoga and obtain her 500 hour Moksha teacher training.  Krystina now works as a Career Advisor in Winnipeg’s inner city while teaching at Moksha Yoga Donald.  Krystina deeply believes that the Moksha series is accessible for every(body) and is a practice of self transformation. Elements of breath awareness emotional wellbeing and mental relaxation are infused into all her classes for holistic body rejuvenation.