Madeline Bogoch

Madeline began her practice is 2010 when a running injury forced her to shake up her routine, upon discovering Moksha she found a studio that was supportive, relaxed and friendly, allowing her to really dig deep in her practice and gradually appreciate not only the physical benefits but also the calming attributes and the mindfullness it gave her both on and off the mat. After a few years of maintaining a regular practice Madeline applied for the Teaching Training in Kelowna (Summer 2014) on a whim and found herself off to the West Coast for her first ever TT. The incredibly immersive training was challenging and amazing and reignited Madeline‚Äôs love of the series, she was beyond happy to return to her Moksha Winnipeg community where she has continued to teach Moksha 60 classes. When not on the mat Madeline is enrolled at the University of Winnipeg’s Linguistics Dept, enjoys speaking in the third person and spending time with her lovely cat Charlie.