Shauna Jessiman

Shauna Always a fan of a new adventure, Shauna has been encouraged by her cousin Ryann, a huge motivator in her life, to try a lot of different things. Back in 2005 in Toronto the adventure du jour was her first yoga class at the Moksha Danforth Studio where Shauna was instantly hooked. An amazing workout and a nice escape from her fast paced big city lifestyle working in the music industry, yoga became a staple in her life. Her love of practicing yoga and a desire to return to Winnipeg to be around her family led Shauna to move home and join the Moksha Yoga Winnipeg Sangha.  2010 she completed her Moksha Training in Montreal, 2013 Moksha Flow in Kelowna and a 200 hour Vinyasa Flow Training right at home in Winnipeg.  Shauna’s passion is to share her love of the Moksha practice with as many people and possible.  She loves spending her time teaching and practicing at her home studio Winnipeg South. Shauna also loves the outdoors, walking her dog Pete, spending time with her family at their cottage at West Hawk Lake, travel and enjoying good food amongst good friends.