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You Can’t See My Scars

In January of 2011, my husband Darren Cosentino was given a shocking diagnosis of stage 4 colon cancer. At the age of 38, he began a whirlwind of medical treatments including over 40 rounds of chemotherapy, multiple major surgeries and 2 sudden cardiac deaths. We teamed [at times via urgent care] with many physicians and… More details

Be Accessible

Working With The “Be Accessible” Pillar

“Our Community welcomes all bodies, backgrounds, budgets, sexual orientations, and individual expressions of being” The wonderful thing about yoga is that everyone can do it; you can start at any age, size, budget Did you know that Yoga in the Park and Karma class funds from July and August fund our Moksha Winnipeg Schools Project?… More details


10 Amazing Years… Thank You

Moksha Yoga Winnipeg, voted the best local hot yoga studio in the city nine years in a row, first came on the scene mid March 2007 as one of the first hot yoga studios in the city. Ryann, Amy and their team of five teachers instructing a mixture of Pilates, Moksha Yoga, Cycling, and Flow… More details