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Live To Learn

Working With The “Live To Learn” Pillar

Live to Learn – The truly ‘advanced’ is always a beginner. The opportunity to learn is everywhere. One of my favourite things about yoga is that I learn something new every time I come to my mat. There is a difference in every practice that I participate in as well as each practice that I… More details


Working With The “Reach Out Pillar”

When we explore the Pillar – Reach Out in schools I assign the kids “Yoga Homework”. I ask the kids to go off of their mat and do a “RAK” Random Act of Kindness for someone and when they come back the following week they share their stories with the group.   Some of my… More details

schools project

What’s Zing Yoga?

This fall I had the pleasure of spending 8 weeks with an energetic class of Grade 7’s from South Pointe School. Working with teens played with a whole new level of patience and there were some days that I wasn’t even sure if they were getting anything out of me being there every week. Teenagers… More details