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What’s Zing Yoga?

This fall I had the pleasure of spending 8 weeks with an energetic class of Grade 7’s from South Pointe School. Working with teens played with a whole new level of patience and there were some days that I wasn’t even sure if they were getting anything out of me being there every week. Teenagers can be quite giggly and unfocused and even at their age we had a few “Yoga time outs’ aka Child’s pose.

It all came together for me at the very last class. I separated the students into groups of three and they needed to create their own yoga sequence. It needed to have 4 elements: strength, breathwork, balance and relaxation. Each group took their turns one by one and I couldn’t believe how amazing each group did; I had the biggest smile on my face. All those days of me thinking they weren’t hearing the messages I was giving to them went out the window… they even sounded a bit like me. I loved seeing their creativity, their strength, their courage and watching them empower each other as they worked together. They all stood with confidence and guided amazing sequences to their peers breath by breath.

One of the groups guided a sequence called Zing Yoga, where they would say Zing like they were Om’ing. If you ever see me at the studio get me to share the video with you. The crew at South Pointe reminded me to not take life so seriously and to enjoy laughter every day. In my thank you card that they made for me one student named Claire wrote: “Thank you for giving us an amazing opportunity! It will be a very memorable part of Grade 7.” This made me smile and reminisce about my favourite memories from when I went to school and think: yes, yoga in schools would be a pretty amazing memory to receive.

Thank you for you support in 2016. It’s been a great year for our Moksha Yoga Schools Project. We travelled to approximately 20 schools in 2016. We have had a chance to work with kids from Kindergarten to Grade 12 by spending full days in school, teaching at after school yoga clubs and working with school sports team.

Exciting news for the New Year for the Moksha Yoga Schools Project is that we get to start off they year by travelling to 8 more schools. I am looking forward to meeting the new set of kids and continue to share their stories. Save that date for our Big Fundraiser; Yoga in the Park, August 12th, 2017.

What I love about yoga, whether I am teaching adult or kids, or practicing on my own, is that we learn something new every single time we come to our mats. I feel grateful that Moksha Yoga Winnipeg uses Karma funds to promote Yoga in Schools.

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