Tips For Practicing on the Go

Holiday season is upon us and our days are becoming a lot busier (ie: a lot more awesome). If your calendar is already filling up with family dinners, holiday parties and travel plans well into the new year, you’re probably thinking of creative ways to keep up a regular practice when the hot room just isn’t an option. Whether you’re travelling near or far, these tips from fellow yogis will help you keep up a regular practice when you’re juggling a busy schedule:



Philly D: Teacher, Student, Father, Motivational Speaker

When I travel I mainly travel to cities with Modo and Moksha studios so I love to grab a class at a local studio. If there’s no Modo or Moksha studio, it’s fun to find a studio somewhere. Practice is always an adventure.

My main practice is Meditation and I do that every morning no matter what.  In my hotel room I grab a pile of pillows and sit.

Many hotels I stay at offer yoga mats, so I’ll often grab a mat and hit the pool area where it’s warm and humid.  Then I do my practice there.

Randi D: Teacher, Student, Barista Extraordinaire

I use it as an opportunity to explore local studios and practice different styles. This can be a difficult thing to fit in on a trip so researching ahead of time is key so I don’t waste precious travel time searching out a studio.

One of the great things about yoga is that you don’t really need a lot of equipment or materials. I travel with a strap (doesn’t exactly take up much space) and sometimes I travel with a mat and sometimes I don’t. If I don’t then I might put down a towel or something to soften a hard floor surface for some poses.

I can pretty much do yoga anywhere. It’s just a matter of being a bit creative and at times it might mean not caring about people watching me. Layovers in airports can be a great time to fit in some stretches. Yoga in the park. Ask the hotel/hostel your staying at if there is an unused space you could stretch in. Unused banquet halls or roof tops can be great space.

Keith M: Teacher, Student, Musician, Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach

I practice online with my favourite instructors using You Tube.

I also created a couple of online videos on Youtube to practice to myself – they are also at my website

I visit other studios on the road and make it priority to stay in my yoga practice. It is really fun to experience new aspects to the practice by visiting other studios.

Ashely B: Teacher, Student, Goal Coach, Wandering Yogi, Dog Lover

First it’s important to define what your yoga practice looks like, and what you need every day so that you can adapt as you travel. For me meditation to ground, nature and a bit of movement are important.

I take time at the airport to do some asana each layover or when I am waiting to board my flight. When I am driving I move my legs a lot to keep movement and prana flowing. I also place my hand on the top of my head while in commute to ground.

When I arrive at my destination I first scout out nature and take some time to breathe and when I am beginning my day or wrapping up my evening. I take time for meditation and always plan my physical movement the day before so that I can anticipate and adapt my travel schedule around it.

Things to remember; this could all look very different on the go. Asana could be 1-10 sun salutations or a 10 minute savasana, meditation could be 5 minutes or 30. Practice is all about self-care, self- love and taking time for myself. Even though while traveling I am on the go, I make sure that when I do choose to come to my mat that I am fully present for that time.



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