MYWSP Update – Vincent Massey Football Yogis

MYWSP Update – Vincent Massey Football Yogis

This time of year can seem busy with the transition of  back to school for many and back to routine for others. There is lots of excitement in the air with friends at school and members returning to the hot room after taking time away to enjoy their summer.  We have received 19 applications for the Moksha Yoga School’s Project and are currently working on scheduling 6 schools to start their 8 week sessions of yoga in their schools this Fall.  These schools will be: Vincent Massey High School, École South Pointe School, Strathmillan Elementary, St. James Collegiate, Neil Campbell School and Warren Elementary.

It is through your support of our karma yoga initiatives and your generous donations that we can continue to do this work in Winnipeg schools for all ages.

Lately I have been having a lot of fun working with the Vincent Massey High School Football team. It brought me back to a place when I was that age; I loved playing high school soccer and it got me thinking about how different my movement and our team environment might have been if we had been exposed to yoga then.

With any sport comes the pressure of competition, team dynamics, and movement. I have been working with this team to listen to their bodies, figuring out where they are tight, and modifying their practice accordingly. We have been taking big breaths to release pressure in their minds and their bodies.

During our first session together one of the boys said “I can’t do yoga, I can barely touch my toes”, I laughed because as yoga instructors this is something we hear all the time.  When we got to the point in our practice when we were in a forward fold, I told them all to bend their knees, and I cued to bend them so much that they can touch their toes.  Every single one of those football players touched their toes that day!

It was a great reminder that we are all different and unique. Modifying your practice to suit your body is something that needs to occur daily because our bodies change every day. I challenge you the next time you come to your mat to practice to bring your “Beginner’s Mind” with you and see if a modification or prop will help enhance your personal practice. If you are not sure of how to do that, please let your teacher know, on your way into practice, what you are working on and we will be so happy to come over and assist.

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