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Working With The Moksha “Be Healthy” Pillar

When our instructors go to schools we like to work with themes, just like when we set intentions at the studio. I enjoy explaining the different pillars to the kids and I let this part of my class be interactive. They start to enjoy their Yoga Talks with Jenn. We do our little yoga talks at the beginning of class I ask kids what Be Healthy means to them. I will give them examples like what is your favourite activity or healthy snack. Some of my favourite examples of healthy activities were teaching yoga to my parents and little brother, walking my dog, walking to visit my grandparents. Every time that I travel to schools the kids get pretty excited about which pillar we are going to explore.

We also incorporate our Be Healthy discoveries into our yoga practice. When a student tells me that their favourite activity is hockey, I ask them to show me what a hockey yoga pose would look like and usually we make the connection of our legs being similar to Warrior 1 but with arms diagonally in front of them pretending to hold a hockey stick.

One time a student told me that when he scored a goal at his last hockey game that he took the biggest breath and did fists of fire to celebrate. I also ask them what kind of Yoga stretches that we do in class help them when they feel sore from their sports. Working through various stretches allows the kids to create and tune in with their bodies to see where they need release tension through yoga poses and breath. From my own personal experience as a competitive athlete playing soccer, practicing yoga has helped me keep calm during games and because of yoga I barely get sore from playing soccer.

Another way that we incorporate our Be Healthy theme into our yoga classes is by building sandwiches (pascimottonasana -seated forward bend) pizza (seated wide legged forward fold) and salad bowls or ice cream sundaes (cobblers pose). The kids get to add a few topping to each “pose” by either tapping their legs or the ground in front of them, they each take turns listing off 3-4 toppings and we all reach our hands up high and take a big breath in together and exhale to fold and taste our creations.

This past month I got to spend some time at Ecole Provencher and we created sushi rolls. We each picked a few of our toppings and we rolled ourselves up in our yoga mats. Yum!!

If you are connected to a team or school group that would like to get involved in the Moksha Yoga Winnipeg Schools Project, please reach out to our manager Mika at

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