Working With The “Reach Out Pillar”

When we explore the Pillar – Reach Out in schools I assign the kids “Yoga Homework”. I ask the kids to go off of their mat and do a “RAK” Random Act of Kindness for someone and when they come back the following week they share their stories with the group.  

Some of my favourite stories from the younger kids is reading a book to their younger sibling, bringing cookies and making a hand drawn get well soon card for their neighbour and helping wash dishes after dinner.  The older kids cooked breakfast for their family, visited their grandparents, and donated paper route money to Cancer Care.  

One of the great things about visiting schools is that I get to hear about all the charitable events schools sponsor like Jump Rope for Heart for Heart and Stroke Foundation.  The teachers at some schools add extra incentives. For example if a student raised $100 or more they can throw a pie in a teachers face! Some organize donating food to Hampers in December and bringing food in for Siloam Mission; my daughters school spends time at Winnipeg Harvest. 

I had the pleasure of taking part in one of these field trips and the kids got to sort donated food, cook food and be a part of a living library.  The living library was an amazing experience. The kids got to meet people who volunteer at Winnipeg Harvest and interview them to ask them about their experiences.  Some life skills they learned about on the project included budgeting, understanding ingredients in food, different cultures and how commercials or flyers can influence consumers. 

When I lead classes at  Ecole South Pointe they shared with me that they participate in WE day, the kids excitedly explained WE day to me as just turn ME upside down and it becomes WE… because together WE can change the world.  What a perfect explanation of our Reach Out Pillar.  

The thing I love about my yoga practice is being able to take off of the mat. My practice has made me a compassionate and empathetic person.  I have taught at many charitable events over the years and hosted classes for fundraisers.  Working in schools for the Moksha Yoga Schools Project has opened my heart and mind to new ideas. Kids are creative and truly live present in every moment in their lives. 

The Moksha Yoga Schools Project started in 2010 and has grown so much over the years, we have visited approximately 100 schools.  When we visit schools they get 8 sessions of yoga with one of our teachers and we bring mats to the schools if needed.  We have taught children as young as 3 years old and all the way through to high school.  The schools apply to the Moksha Yoga Schools Project and when they are chosen the cost of the 8 week program is covered by Karma funds.  

If you are interested in filling out an application for your child’s school please email:

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